Online Advertising

Online advertising.

What is online advertising? Why use it?

Online advertising is a component of the entire marketing strategy. Its purpose is to disseminate information about the brand’s offer.
Internet marketing is the effect of many elements. It is important to remember that forms of marketing often complement each other.
The main feature common to all Internet marketing is the fact that we can check exactly what effects our activities bring.
I will try to present the most popular ways of Internet marketing.
Internet advertising – open
Sponsored links are taken for normal search results. The same applies to sponsored articles, which are perceived as objective texts and devoid of commercial purpose.
This is an advertisement that the recipient should be able to identify as an advertising message in a simple way. Usually, such advertisements bear the information used – but you must be aware that many recipients perceive them as non-advertising materials.

Explicit elements of Internet marketing discussed in this article:
1 Sponsored links (AdWords)
2 Sponsored articles
3 Advertising banners
5 YouTube
6 Mailing
7 Marketing automation
8 Facebook Ads

1 Sponsored links (AdWords)

Google AdWords gives the opportunity to appear in search results under selected phrases. With many options, we have full control over the phrases under which we appear. We can compose messages ourselves and test their effectiveness. In addition, we have the ability to lead users to the best and most relevant subpages.
Ads do not have to appear only on the search engine itself, but also on the Google Display Network. It consists of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of websites on various topics. Ads on the Display Network can also display graphically – both static and animated.
AdWords allows you to target not only the keywords entered in the search engine, but also target the interests of potential customers, their age or specific website addresses. It also allows the use of remarketing lists with groups of users who have taken specific actions on our website, e.g. visited our site and went to the contact tab, but left the site shortly after. We can also display advertising on YouTube with the help of AdWords.
However, you should be aware that in most cases, a campaign run in this way will be less effective than a campaign run by a good agency. Therefore, if the budget for the campaign is larger, it is worth using the agency’s help.

2 Sponsored articles

when the awareness of the product existence is small in the target group or some of the product features are not obvious, and we want to make them aware, it is worth focusing on sponsored articles. They are usually part of a larger online campaign. They bring better results when there are several articles and appear on the same website or websites with similar topics. Then the impact on a specific target group is much greater.
Investing in one article on a poorly read website is usually pointless. It is worth investing in several articles and at the beginning determine what we want to present to potential users. It should also be remembered that above all this content must be interesting.
You can prepare a sponsored article yourself, but you must remember that the author must have journalistic experience and awareness of what marketing message he wants to convey to his readers. This topic can also be forwarded to the agency, which will prepare the entire publication strategy and the articles themselves. In addition, it will also select sites that are best suited to take action.

3 Advertising banners

they are not actually an internet marketing tool, but a format used to display ads on pages. Due to the fact that the entry is directed to people who are not familiar with Internet marketing, I decided to write something about them. Every layman associates an internet banner and not necessarily RTB advertising. Although the general internet advertising, which can be called a display using a moving image or not, I decided to break it down into several elements, e.g. banners, RTB, YouTube.
Advertising banners are usually broadcast as part of an advertising network, e.g. Google advertising network. If you want your banners to show on a particular page, you should check which network the website is advertising on. In the case of large portals, we usually have the option of buying our ad broadcast directly through the portal.
If we want to advertise to a specific target group, independent of which pages they are currently browsing, we must be interested in which advertising network to choose. Then we can target our ads, specifying such parameters of the target group as: age, interests, place where they are. It all depends on the capabilities of the given advertising network.
It is also worth remembering that some networks that enable image ads require a large budget – I will mention this when discussing RTB.
One should also be aware that advertising banners in given advertising networks have different formats or different requirements for the construction of given banners – e.g. duration of the animation. Therefore, when investing e.g. in banners for the Google advertising network, we need to know that in order to use them in another advertising network, we may have to redo them (the opposite way it works the same).
The development of technology allows you to build advanced graphic creations that interact with the Internet user. Messages may vary depending on e.g. the location of the recipient, dynamically downloading products from our site that were viewed by the Internet user and displaying them along with the current price.

RTB (Real Time Bidding) is an advertising model in which a separate ad auction takes place for each individual ad display. The one with the highest stake wins. Of course, everything is done automatically in a split second. Using feeds, you can combine product ads with data from our site.
The advertisement is directed to a specific user who, e.g. was on our website, added the product to the cart, but did not make the purchase. The way advertising is targeted depends on the RTB network – there are networks specializing in, for example, advertising in mobile applications, while others direct their offer mainly to companies from one industry.
Most RTB networks require a minimum budget that should be invested in their operation, which can be an obstacle for these smallest companies.

5 YouTube

if you have video materials, you should think about using them in advertising on YouTube! Of course, such materials require proper editing for advertising to make sense. If you do not have such materials, then you should think about creating them. Why? If you want to reach the younger part of our society that spends more and more time on this site – this is the best way!
YouTube allows for much better targeting and measuring the effects of advertising than television ads. Therefore, it is worth getting interested in this form of advertising. I also mention that you can manage the ad itself from within AdWords.

6 Mailing
one of the oldest forms of advertising on the internet. It consists in sending a specially prepared e-mail to the previously collected (or purchased) address list. Please note that this list should be collected in accordance with the law.
Such mailing should be entrusted to an agency or directly to a mailing dispatching company. You should not send this type of content from your inbox, e.g. it can cause us trouble. In particular, that many mailing sending tools have a free option (depending on the number of emails sent). The content itself should also be properly prepared – it is both about the quality of texts and graphics, but also identifiers that will allow us to check what actions our recipients performed.
For mailing to be effective, it requires a good base – preferably one that you have gathered yourself. The form of mailing is a newsletter in which we can keep subscribers informed about promotions and occasions prepared by our company. It is worth remembering that such a newsletter should not torment our users with excessive amounts of content sent. It should also be tailored to the interests of our recipients.

7 Marketing automation
it consists of collecting information about users and clients as well as planning relevant events. All this is done on the basis of rules determining the behavior of our customers. It allows, for example, to send a promotional offer (via e-mail) to a customer who has opened two of our newsletters regarding the selected product. It can also display relevant messages on the page itself, which are tailored to the behavior of a particular customer.
Marketing automation is mainly targeted at enterprises focusing on long-term cooperation with their clients. They assume that they will return and order more products.
It also requires the preparation of appropriate materials and the company’s commitment to the entire process. A lot of traffic is needed to make it profitable to work on marketing automation and devote time to it.

8 Facebook Ads
facebook page is one and Facebook Ads is another. Advertising in social media is another step in which we can reach our target group. We choose: gender, age, place of residence, education, interests or marital status of our recipients (although there are more options). In this way, we will only reach those people who are recipients of our products / services. Due to changes in the business manager, we have more and more types of advertising at our disposal. You can use the ads in the right column, in news, for mobile devices or multiproduct ad. I have already received the mail that more types of ads are being prepared. Happens!
Thanks to Facebook Ads, you can, among others build a fanpage community, communicate with users, direct them to a specific website (or subpage), but also encourage them to look into a specially prepared application. In this way, you not only influence your image, but also you can increase the conversion. Why? It’s simple – from a Facebook profile, recipients can learn a lot about your products / services, see the recommendations of other users and customers, and often find attractive discounts.
Do you organize open days? Facebook Ads is a great form of promotion in which you will reach the target group and encourage them to take part in the event. I guarantee that you will do it much cheaper than using traditional forms of promotion.

Internet advertising – classified
it includes internet marketing tools that reach users with their message. However, recipients are not directly informed that this is a form of advertising. Of course, the more insiders will be aware that they are dealing with a prepared text or entry. He also knows very well that getting top positions for top phrases is not a coincidence and without the help of an agency dealing with SEO is unlikely to happen.

Implicit elements of internet marketing discussed in the article:
1 Positioning
2 Facebook
3 Content Marketing
4 Cooperation with bloggers
5 Twitter
6 Instagram
7 Viral marketing

1 Positioning
search engine optimization is a form of classified advertising that is almost as old as search engines. It consists in matching the website and all materials on the internet to the current search engine requirements. All this aims to appear as high as possible in the search results under the phrases we are interested in.
Search engine requirements (when it comes to the Polish market, we are talking practically only about Google) are constantly changing. Positioning itself is about outsmarting the search engine algorithm.
It is worth realizing that under the phrase we are interested in, most of the traffic gets the first few search results. There are usually more than a dozen, several dozen or even several hundred willing to these places. Hence, search results exchange in their positions.
It is good when website positioning focuses not only on achieving a position, but also on building the image of an entrepreneur on the web. How to do that Preferably through valuable content that Internet users will come into contact with. It usually builds our image and generates a lot of traffic to the website. Such a stable and valuable background (such is the name of the pages on which the materials supporting positioning are published) can prove to be of great value. They can support traffic and sales, while search engine rankings build such traffic only when they are among the best.
The content of the website itself and the technical parameters met by the website are also very important. Positioning yourself under a phrase that is very competitive also generates considerable costs. Only the best can count on return on investment and profits. It is worth remembering when choosing an agency that we will commission positioning or all Internet marketing. The effectiveness of relevant keywords is also very important. It may turn out that the phrases under which we are in the top positions do not generate traffic or do not support our sales. Perhaps it turns out that there are phrases less competitive, but profitable. Good research is the key!
To sum up, positioning is all actions involving continuous analysis of data, adjusting the page and materials, sites, blogs and texts leading to the page in such a way as to generate valuable traffic – both by obtaining top positions under key phrases, and from the very back.
There are many ways to account for positioning. There are methods that are more risky and give a greater chance of quickly achieving top positions, but also with danger of consequences for our website. There are also more balanced and calm strategies focused on long-term operation – these are usually better solutions.
2 Facebook
it is said that if there is no one on Facebook, this does not exist. It is similar with brands. Of course, if you are only now deciding to implement the actions, you must be aware that your competition has been operating here for a long time. Why is it worth Here you will find a number of target groups to which you can direct content presenting your products and services. Begin by analyzing the activities of direct competition. This way you will find out what’s on the web. You will also be able to slowly plan your own activities. Of course in such a way as to stand out. As they say: stand out or die. Already at the beginning of creating a fan page, pay attention to its categories – an incorrectly selected category may result in reporting the entire profile as unregulated – I suspect that he did not want to be. Build a group of recipients for your products / services. Only in this way will you be able to conduct your actions effectively. Why? If your target is very young, you will not reach them without learning their language and interests. Cute cats on a profile for people aged 45 plus? Just not this!
Communication must be consistent and therefore requires prior preparation of the strategy. I have heard many times that running a Facebook profile is easy and you can do it on your own. Yes you can. However, you need to be aware of the risks that this entails. Ill-considered actions can lead to so-called a crisis that will not be without impact on the company’s image. It is said that crises in social media break out on weekends, I know that this happens much more often. An unsatisfied customer goes to your fan page when he cannot enforce his rights in any other way. He will usually leave a negative opinion or add unflattering comment. On Facebook, you can immediately react, calm the situation. If the fault lies on the side of e.g. our store, it is also worth compensating for the problems. In this way we will ensure that the client will come back to us – he already has positive associations. If you don’t have a fan page, a dissatisfied customer won’t forget about you anyway. He will probably return his steps to popular internet forums. You’re not there too? Then you have a problem … Serious.
Building a community on Facebook is necessary to increase trust in the brand, but also to build its positive image. Reputation on the web is increasingly important – you must be aware of this. How to communicate with recipients, what to publish and when? A professional agency will definitely help you with this.

3 Content marketing
how many times have you heard “Content is the king”? I think about a million! Content is very important, but published carelessly and without strategy can do harm.
Content marketing is nothing more than brand communication with its target group. However, this is not done using advertising, but through the publication of educational, guide or expert materials. Preparation of dedicated content means that in the eyes of the target group, the brand becomes reliable, inspiring and caring for its customers.
Why choose an integrated content marketing strategy:
• generates three times more conversions than traditional marketing activities
• On average, consumers use up to 11 sources before making a purchasing decision, and content marketing allows building relationships and relationships with customers
• the brand is created as a leader and expert in its industry
• a network of positive brand associations will be built
Since we have come to the fact that the content is important … there is nothing else but to post it on the pages. Well, probably now the question will be asked: where to get them if writing is not my domain? There are two options – you can outsource it to a professional agency that has copywriters or you can face writing yourself. What matters is the content, but also the method of its delivery. If you publish chaotic entries with punctuation and spelling mistakes, it will be difficult to find you credible and professional.
An important issue of content marketing, apart from content, is also the audience. It is to them that the language and issues to be addressed and described need to be adapted. Without creating the right person, you will not be able to carry out your activities effectively. Why? Well, because you do not recognize all the needs of your potential customers, but also potential customers.
An effective content marketing strategy must be implemented consistently. Without it, it will only be a colossus on clay legs.
4. Cooperation with bloggers
bloggers is a group that, despite the numerous hatred, still gathers a large group of recipients around them. Bloggers have been ambassadors of many brands for a long time, take part in promotional campaigns and are frequent guests in traditional media.
The range of their reach is really large and promotes the success of individual advertising campaigns, but … It often brings quite high costs of cooperation. Why? Popular bloggers become opinion leaders, present products on many social channels, take part in events and brand competitions with their faces. Known and less known, liked and controversial – the spectrum of the blog sphere is really broad and you will certainly find one with which you will be able to work fruitfully. Most bloggers have a niche: fashion, cars, media, family, music etc. All you need is good research!
Do you want to effectively convince a blogger to cooperate? Get to know his environment, check what he does, what he likes and what he doesn’t. Take the initiative, make contact and present a specific proposal. If you don’t know what you want, the blogger won’t tell you. This is not his role. Many suggestions directed to the blog environment end up in the trash or spam. Why? Because blogger is written as “pan”, because messages are standardized, because we approach wholesale, not individually, because … You can exchange it for so long. Do you want to know more? Follow the most popular profiles – they are often a brilliant source of inspiration!

5 Twitter
twitter is another social media communication channel that deserves attention. Why? From the age structure of Twitter users it can be concluded that the chirps both the young and the older generation. So we will find here target groups for producers, among others beverages, gadgets, clothing, but also for festival organizers or providers of telecommunications services. The key to the success of a chirping brand is to understand the specifics of this medium and to abandon comparisons with Facebook accounts. If you decide to use Twitter, remember that standard and planned communication will not work as well as spontaneous dialogues and real time marketing activities. Thanks to tracking hashtags, you can engage in a discussion with recipients, give them ideas, but also offer your products – maybe they even ask for their opinion. You must be with them here and now. Tweet that “hangs” for a long time without a reply is a forgotten tweet. Follow competitors, bloggers, famous people, active users and … talk to them! Of course, if you don’t have the right amount of time to spend on communication – delegate this task to the agency. I know from experience that if you want to spend 15 minutes a day on Twitter, you can’t expect it to translate directly into your profits.
Twitter is not only communication, it is also advertising. Recently, you can create them from your own account. Posts appear as promoted – as in the case of Facebook, although Twitter does not provide us with so many advertising options – we can promote in the feed, promote your hash tags or your profile. Perhaps with the growing interest in online advertising, the spectrum of possibilities will also increase.
Currently, Twitter Ads are great for promoting individual products and related promotions.

6 Instagram
the popularity of this social network is certainly supported by its simplicity and way of communicating with other users. Currently, almost everyone has a smartphone. Every day we take more and more photos that we gladly share with others. It is worth using and presenting our industry activity – products, services, events etc. Graphic content is easier to receive – we are more likely to click on the pictures than in the content.
On Instagram, like on Twitter, hash tags play an important role. Thanks to their use, we reach a larger audience that sorts photo search by selected hash tags. This can be the product name or the brand name. Hash tags in English are more popular nowadays. This is another reason to invest in your profile!

7 Viral marketing
contrary to appearances, it is not easy! It requires a lot of preparation and devising a strategy. Why? The truth is, we don’t send content that is not interesting because why? We usually share videos that have intrigued us, made us curious, amused or are controversial.
They are often called viral materials, they use the essence of a social network, the consequence of which is the tendency of people to share with other, e.g. the previously mentioned videos. An intriguing slogan, funny meme or video material are the perfect viral carriers. I do not know a person who would not meet the video parodying the original material – some are even sensational. Easy and light content is conducive to organic sharing, and thus minimizes advertising expenditure.
Importantly, the operation of viral marketing is based on the voluntary behavior of the user who recognizes that the information is worth sharing. The role of the marketer in this case is to prepare content that the target group finds attractive enough to send it on. Due to the growing requirements of customers, it is not so simple.

In this article, we’ve only presented a few forms of online advertising, but that should be enough to take the first steps in the world of internet marketing. It is worth using summaries presenting the advantages and disadvantages of solutions. It should be remembered that the best results are achieved when we do not limit ourselves to one form of advertising, but use several that complement each other.
Constant analysis is also the foundation of effective internet advertising – both before and during the activities. Advertising alone is not enough if the website is not adapted to users’ requirements or when the offer deviates from market requirements.
Sometimes we will pay for handing over the action to the appropriate agency, but it will give us confidence that our online advertising is done by specialists – and we will then be able to take care of what we know best, i.e. our business.


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